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Polaroid Holiday 2010

Soft cover - Section Sewn - with
(reversible jacket cover folding poster)
Offset print
16 x16cm
74 pages with 44 colour plates
ISBN: 978-0-9874203-0-5


Simon Bernhardt’s fascination with the Polaroid began as a small child and has developed into a spectacular creative obsession.

The Polaroid camera is the photographic equivalent of brick-sized mobile phones.

These cameras conjure up distant memories of poorly focused banal happy snaps of slightly inebriated relatives in silly hats at family celebrations or while on holidays, but emphatically not leading edge creativity.

Through astute modification, Bernhardt has transformed it into a contemporary tool, capable of conveying subtlety of mood and texture.

This photographic odyssey captures rhythm and energy which transforms the everyday into beautiful nuanced images.

They range from scenes of central Europe in winter, to studies of stark urban alienation.

Greg Keane